Ferrosan’s competitive advantage is our people. Only because of the extraordinary commitment and creativity of our people are we able to compete against much larger and financially stronger companies.

Every single Ferrosan colleague can, must and does make a difference. The unique and vital contribution from each and every member of our organization is vital to our success.

That is why we place extraordinary emphasis on our People Process. The Poeple Process is designed to ensure that we regular review and discss how each of us deliver upon Ferrosan’s people mission of making a difference. Every Ferrosan colleagues’ personal growth is an essential building block of our future.

The purpose of Ferrosan’s People Process is to ensure that each and every employee:

• Is aware of and works “in line with” Ferrosan’s overall strategy, goals (KPI’s) and values
• Has precise and measurable KPI’s and contributes toward Ferrosan’s achieving our overall KPI’s
• Complies with Ferrosan’s values and the matching competencies
• Has an individual development plan
• Receives constructive feedback on her or his efforts in relation to both KPI’s, values and competencies

Do you want to make a difference by joining Ferrosan?
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